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Section IX - State Tax Credits and
Related Employer Incentives

Most Integrated Employment Setting
State Self-Assessment Tool

Several states have implemented tax credits to incentivize employers to hire and retain individuals with multiple barriers to the general workforce, including workers with disabilities. How these tax incentives are structured, however, may either create or impede opportunities for workers with disabilities to pursue and engage in competitive integrated employment. The following section is intended to help states assess any existing tax credits the state administers to incentivize the employment of individuals with disabilities, and to identify any strengths or gaps in these credits that would impact access to competitive, integrated employment opportunities.

1. Your agency name and state:(Optional - This information will appear in the report that summarizes your responses.  It will not be used to track your responses.)
2. 1. Does the state offer any tax credits to businesses that incentivize those businesses hiring individuals with disabilities into Employment in Integrated Settings?
3. 1.a. Does the tax credit(s) incentivize businesses to hire individual with disabilities into competitive, integrated employment where the pay is at least minimum wage?
3. 1.b.1. Does the state track data on how many individuals were hired annually for whom a tax credit was claimed?
This question requires a valid number format.
3. 1.b.2. How many businesses claimed at least one tax credit for the hire of an individual with disabilities into Employment in Integrated Settings?
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